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I am always happy to work on a custom project for any client.

Below are some of the talks that I am building out and delivering this year.

Most talks are 30 minutes long with some additional time for Q&A.

To book me for a virtual (or in person talk) email [email protected]

The Adaptability Advantage

The reality is that certainty has left the building and all that we can do is to adapt to a changing world as rapidly as possible.

This talk covers:

My most popular talk of 2021.

Ready to learn the secrets of rapid adaptation?

Leadership 2021: Positioning Yourself For Success

A talk based on the Leadership Manual.

More than ever I believe that we must anticipate what is to come and then take the necessary steps to prepare for it. Smart planning, preparation, and positioning give you the upper hand against the challenges of 2021.

This means:

Do not wait for things to come crashing down around you.

Do not be caught unprepared.

How To Be Dangerous

This was my most requested topic of 2020 and I think the message becomes more relevant as time goes on.

The world is becoming more competitive. You are no longer just competing with direct competition. You are also competing with new startups, emerging technology, and with previously unrelated organizations entering your industry.

You must be competitive and effective against these threats.

It may sound edgy but it's the most impactful call to action that I can think of.

It's an invitation: